Friday, September 27, 2013

Day Four: Wotton -u -Edge to Kings Stanley


Will I Ever See The Sun Again?

Oh Dear Oh Dear! Technical difficulties forced me to suspend production! There was something in the air, maybe the buzzing power lines overhead, but my computer simply stopped working. One minute fine, then black.  Panic! Luckily I'd been keeping a written journal as well, the old ways are still the good ways. Who needs a computer when you have the hedges, the birds, real world? But we're set up to share and communicate through the airwaves, so it's like cutting off one's hand. 

Wotton Under Edge to Kings Stanley was a surprizingly pretty section, after the grittiness of coming out of Bath. Writing from having finished, there was no section that was truly ugly, though there were days that were almost monotonous when there was nothing but woods and rain and the sound of swishing wet clothing. And Kings Stanley isn't as stand out fanciful as other Cotswold villages, sort of Victorian industrial. We opted for the KS route instead of the higher climb in Selsley, a mistake. Still, just walking and being here is momentous. Every day I think of this. Maybe when I'm finished I can go home and build a monument to myself, like this one.......

Tynedale Monument

The 121 Steps Up the Tynedale Monument. William Tynedale Translated the Bible into English in the 1500's. He Never climbed These Steps. 

I Addeth my Footprint to the Many, And I Think I see... Yes... a SHADOW! 

Sweet Wrinklie in Dursley Who Stopped to Ask "Where Do You Hail From"and Almost Had Us Over For Tea 

Detour Up Cam Peak

Always Good to See

Love the "Please Avoid"
At MIddleyard, Today Was a Long One and Still a Mile from Kings Stanley 

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