Sunday, September 8, 2013

Day One: Bath to Cold Ashton

And we're off! A beautiful fall-like day and we say goodbye to Bath. I'll be relieved to turn my back on the city and feel the earth under my feet. The start is, as I had read, uphill. We started climbing through the outskirts of the city until we were in the hills over Bath. From there on it was rolling hills, farm and fields. The Way is well signposted, the couple places we had trouble we were able to get back on track thanks to the map. Always trust The Map! 
Bath has never been  a favorite city of mine despite the history and beauty. I get the feeling of a tired old town no longer fit for purpose. Th traffic and tourists make a sort of low lying bad temper thats almost tangible. 
Later we met a man on the Way who said his 92 year old hiking friend said Bath needed more "copulation". He went on to elaborate in more colorful verbiage but it seems he agreed. 

The Obligatory Shoe Shot at Bath Abbey

Rain or Shine!
Linda at Prospect Stile
One of the markers in the Lansdown Hill Battlefield site (1643) . It says: "World Turned Upside Down"
For more on the Battle

It Wasn't Cold But It Was Chilly - and Garmin Says......

Perfect End to a Perfect Day....Bangers and Mash at the Wonderful Hunters Hall Pub Near Tetbury

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