Saturday, September 28, 2013

Day Nine: Winchcombe to Stanton

Beautiful Stanton!

OOO I am soooo sad! Say it ain't so! This is the home stretch. We stopped at the church of St Peter in Winchcombe, got our certification stamp at the tourist office, no time for Sudeley Castle but on to PUCKPIT Lane and Stanton. And we're still hearing the high whistling Gloucestershire-Warwickshire Steam engine that's dogged us the last 2 days. Another day of many days as chilly drizzle changed to almost steamy clouds with occasional sun.  Hailes Abbey - Beckbury Camp - Stumps Cross - Wood Stanway - Stanway - Stanton.

At the Lords of the Manor in Upper Slaughter

Medieval Wall Murals at Hailes Church.
Someone painted these 700 Years Ago! 

The Medieval Floor

More of the Mural. I Think It Says "Please Remove Your Muddy Boots" 

Just Beautiful in It's Simplicity. You Can Keep Your Cathedrals, This Is Real.

Hailes Abbey Founded in 1246. Unbelievable.
The Ground Still Felt Sacred and Emanated Peace.  

This Is What It's All About. That Hill on the Far Right?
I Was Up There a Few Days Ago! When They Said It Was Hillier Going North , They Were Right. There Have Been Some Long, Steep Climbs, All Behind Me now.  

This is yet another monument to our friend Cromwell called Cromwell's Seat, though he never sat there. The monument is possibly there to mark the spot where Thomas Cromwell is said to have sat and watched the destruction of nearby Hailes Abbey during the Dissolution of the Monasteries during the reign of Henry VIII  around 1540.
Coming Down the Other Side Now, It Won't Be Long......

Strip Lynchets, I Love Strip Lynchets

lynchet [ˈlɪntʃɪt] n
(Earth Sciences / Physical Geography) a terrace or ridge formed in prehistoric or medieval times by ploughing a hillside
[Old English hlinc ridge]

You Don't Make This Stuff Up

Ruh Roh... Look Out Steve! Jus' KIddin'...  

Gateway to Stanway House and Church

Whacky Nutters on the Church,
Tell Me the Stone Masons weren't Having a Joke at Someone's Expense.

This Collection of Odd Stone Items Were taken from Hailes Abbey and Built into the Wall. Cool, huh? I Think That's a Sink, It has Holes in It.  

Rose Hips and Moss on the Old Stone Wall

I Wind Up Using the Word "Old" A Lot... This Bridge is New. 

A Great Place to Eat, in What Is in My Opinion the Most Beautiful
Village in the Cotswolds ~ Stanton.

Just sayin'

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