Saturday, September 28, 2013

Day Seven: Birdlip to Dowdeswell

I stood tip-toe upon a little hill, 
The air was cooling, and so very still, 
That the sweet buds which with a modest pride 
Pull droopingly, in slanting curve aside, 
Their scantly leaved, and finely tapering stems, 
Had not yet lost those starry diadems 
Caught from the early sobbing of the morn. 
The clouds were pure and white as flocks new shorn, 
And fresh from the clear brook; sweetly they slept 
On the blue fields of heaven

Big question of the day - do birds have lips? Answer is NO. In medieval times Birdlip was spelled ‘Brydelep’ which may have come from two Old English words —‘bridd’ — a bird, and ‘hlep’ — a leap. Ancient place-names often referred to features in the landscape, so Birdlip may have originally got its name due to its position — in the sense of a steep place from which only a bird could safely ‘leap’. Another romantic suggestion is that the name came from 'bride’s leap’, perhaps relating to an ancient folk-tale where a bride flung herself down the cliff in a desperate bid to avoid marrying the man her father had selected!

You be the judge! 

I think Birdlip means 'Place of No Cadbury Bars'.

I can sense the end. It hardly seems real that we're almost finished. 
The landscape is more and more familiar to me as I am walking routes I've walked many times before. I don't want this to end! 
Our cold day ended at the Koloshi Indian restaurant just past broody Lineover Wood. Though it was broody from the weather, it wasn't sinister, I felt a happy presence there. Funny how woods can embrace these energies. I believe what happens in a place in the past can remain. England is a land of ghosts, best accept it! 
Though I can't believe I missed PEGGLESWORTH and HETTY PEGLARS TUMP! 

Sunrise in the North Lats Takes Forever

Birdlip Hill, I think, Easy Climb, No Cow Pies. I do walk pretty slowly, don't I? 

Note the Raindrop on the Lens

Getting Blown Away on Crickley Hill, Too Bad Our Ponchos Didn't Work

Snore... Leckhampton and Devil's Chimney Highly Over-rated, It didn't Help That There Was No View and 70mph Winds. Just Kidding, It Only Felt Like It. Also, It's Smaller Than I Thought, Not That Size Matters. 

New Wall and Unusual Animal Door For What?

Summer's Fallen, grass shimmers in morning mist, dew escapes as autumn has kissed just lightly enough to make us aware summers end is drawing near ~
This One With Steps. A Roman Snail, Only Found in the Northern Cotswolds. They're Edible. 
Maybe Next Time.

Craftsman in Lineover Wood

George's Favorite British Car, The KA. He Kept Saying "Why
Doesn't Ford Make These in the U.S?"  

Colors of Fall

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