Friday, September 27, 2013

Day Five: Kings Stanley to Painswick

George is Prepared!

This about says it all! It was simply tough going. You had the climbs and descents, the rocks covered in slimy mosses and the slippery clay mud. It stuck to your feet like walking on cow pats. I've got my gaiters on, they were necessary to keep the mud from the shoe heels from muddying my pants and ankles. and they were warm because it was chilling to be wet in the woods. As long as I keep moving I was fine but lying in bed at night or sitting still, like getting out of the car, my legs cramped up and seized. I would have to do a lot of stretching and massaging. But my shoes held and I never had a blister or a sore foot.  Cloudy days are darker in the woods. Surrounded by moss and dripping leaves I could see how fairy tales were made. I thought a lot about the Grimm brothers and the troll under the bridge at times like these. It was a creepy day.

I want to give a shout out to the Royal Oak pub in Painswick. The crowds flocked to the Falcon but this wonderful pub with low ceilings, stone hearths and floor, great food and friendly, welcoming people win my vote. The Old Spot sausages and mash and local Scrumpy was deeee-vine.

No GPS reading today, SOMEONE (me) forgot to put new batteries in .

Intriguing... and a Perfect Fall Hedgerow of Hawthorne, Elderberries, Old Mans Beard and Ivy.
What's Over the Rise? 

By the End of the Day my Blood is
Going to my Feet and I Just Can't Think Anymore!!! 

Didn't It Say That 3 Miles Ago? 

A Stone Bridge Above Painswick and Poncho Gremlins

Though Promised Far Reaching Views, I Felt the World Was Closing In

Cliff Well

Inside the Plaque Says:
Who'er the Bucketfull windeth
Let him bless God who water findeth
Yet Water here but small availeth
Go seek that which never faileth
John C. 4,V,14

Dated 1870, on the back is a panel with a sliver of moon and stars with the inscription:
"Beware of Being Consumed by the Night"

On the other side is a sun with rays and a face and  INSTAT DIES TRANSIT NOX
"Every Moment of the Day Passes into Night"

Someone had a NIGHT fixation! 

Bath 55, Chipping Campden 47 - about HALFWAY! 

The Church With 99 Yews in Pain's Wick

Another One of These, I don't Get It

The Silent Standish Wood - I Could Hear Footsteps Not Mine

Oliver Cromwell

Cromwell's Stone to Commemorate the lifting of the Siege of Gloucester in 1643. 
It was said he sat here watching the Royalist troops retreat. 

Trimming Yews # 98 and 99

Our Pimped Ride Awaits

And I Was Hoping to Drop a Few Pounds - HA!  Two Words Which Spell Despair - LEMON DRIZZLE.

Worst Hotel Ever, The Cotswolds 88 - Frightening Beetlejuice Interior,
How Could They?

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  1. Those little stone steps that go nowhere were originally used to aid in mounting horses. Common feature at coach inns and the like.