Saturday, September 28, 2013

The View From My Hotel Rooms

Grasmere Hotel, Salisbury

I Lost My Room Photo When My Computer Died,
This Is the  Priory Hotel, Bath

Calcot Manor, Tetbury

Cotswolds 88, Painswick

Lords of the Manor, Upper Slaughter

Lygon Arms, Broadway

The Swan, Lavenham

Beyond the Cotswold Way

Snowshill, Great Pub Here

"As Thow Art So Was I, As I Am So Shall Thow Bee" 

George is growing! The Model Village at Bourton on the Water 

Dang, These Houses Aren't Made of Chocolate.
I want To Take You to FUNKY TOWN!


Very Good Food, Oldest Inn... Maybe

1642 The Battle of Stow-on-the-Wold (Where the Wind Blows Cold)

I Want a Giant Lawnmower Man too.  2 Swipes You're Done! 

Needlepoint Kneelers

Secret Stairway

Bell Ropes

Surreal May Hill 


Day Ten: Stanton to Chipping Campden

Chipping Campden

Chipping Campden Market HallThe ancient Market Hall was built in 1627  for a cost of £90.00. It was for the purpose of giving shelter to the local market selling cheese, butter and poultry.

On Campden Wold the skylark sings
In town the traveler finds
The inward peace which beauty brings
To bless & heal tormented minds

john masefield

In Stanton

Leaving Shenbarrow Hill Fort. I'd Like to Say It's All Downhill From Here
But We Still Have Broadway Hill Ahead of Us. 

Soay Sheep    More on the Soay

This Pheasant Thought It Was A Chicken
 This is it! Every step, as it's been from the day I left Bath, is bringing me closer to the finish. How will I be able to turn away? It's been tiring, exhilarating, motivating, rewarding, enervating, intense, beautiful, engrossing, painful, addictive, energizing. Has it only been 12 days? 10 days walking, 2 days of rest. It feels like it was just yesterday we were in Bath, no... we were emailing the plans to do this and it was just an idea. It was an idea that came to fruition. Thank you, Linda!
Time is relentless, it doesn't want to accommodate me when I want it to slow down. It's a day of "lasts".  I'm so happy, but I'm sad. 

View to Broadway From the West

St Michael's, Broadway, From Waterloo Footbridge

Stretching My Calves on the Church Steps =8-0


Broadway Tower. If I Wasn't Taking This Picture
I'd Be Hiding Behind the Building to Get Out of the Wind and Rain

A Road of Potatoes? What's Up With That?  

3½ more miles, no "P" in Campden? 

In Happy Lands! Somewhere Between Pillow Mounds and Campden Hole.
Gotcha. No Problemo.

Ominous Broadway

On Hoo Lane

I Don't Know Who He Is But It's an Odd Talent to Commemorate

I set out on this adventure to traverse distances in the spirit of romance, out of reverence for the past and to find and leave a part of myself in England's history. Walking the CW is following in the footsteps of everyone in the past, along co-existing periods of time, at different speeds, encompassing different worlds. A path is made by the movement of the accumulated steps of its users over time. This being true, then each CW walker makes their own path. Although it is public property, its also strongly private, forming part of each walkers' personal history and creating a string between the recent and distant past. I became embedded in the landscape, the vibrant, shared landscape into which our ancestors and we are woven. Walking the CW has been one of the deepest experiences I have ever had the privilege to enjoy. 

My Feet on the Medieval Floor of the Market Hall. And a Cigarette Butt. Sheesh. 

Excuse Me... That's 102 Miles! It Looks Like It Says "Bath Room". Why Would They Put This Milestone in the Parking Lot Crammed up
Beside a Building? I Hope They move It. 

Linda & Steve on Broadway Tower When We Returned on a Better Day. We Drove. 

View From Broadway Tower Park in the Sun

Another Shot of St Michaels, Broadway

I Love This View ~ Chipping Campden From Dover's Hill,
Home Stretch!

Me on Dovers Hill

And From Whom Are We Protecting Ourselves Now? 

Last, I Confess, I Cried. 

Day Nine: Winchcombe to Stanton

Beautiful Stanton!

OOO I am soooo sad! Say it ain't so! This is the home stretch. We stopped at the church of St Peter in Winchcombe, got our certification stamp at the tourist office, no time for Sudeley Castle but on to PUCKPIT Lane and Stanton. And we're still hearing the high whistling Gloucestershire-Warwickshire Steam engine that's dogged us the last 2 days. Another day of many days as chilly drizzle changed to almost steamy clouds with occasional sun.  Hailes Abbey - Beckbury Camp - Stumps Cross - Wood Stanway - Stanway - Stanton.

At the Lords of the Manor in Upper Slaughter

Medieval Wall Murals at Hailes Church.
Someone painted these 700 Years Ago! 

The Medieval Floor

More of the Mural. I Think It Says "Please Remove Your Muddy Boots" 

Just Beautiful in It's Simplicity. You Can Keep Your Cathedrals, This Is Real.

Hailes Abbey Founded in 1246. Unbelievable.
The Ground Still Felt Sacred and Emanated Peace.  

This Is What It's All About. That Hill on the Far Right?
I Was Up There a Few Days Ago! When They Said It Was Hillier Going North , They Were Right. There Have Been Some Long, Steep Climbs, All Behind Me now.  

This is yet another monument to our friend Cromwell called Cromwell's Seat, though he never sat there. The monument is possibly there to mark the spot where Thomas Cromwell is said to have sat and watched the destruction of nearby Hailes Abbey during the Dissolution of the Monasteries during the reign of Henry VIII  around 1540.
Coming Down the Other Side Now, It Won't Be Long......

Strip Lynchets, I Love Strip Lynchets

lynchet [ˈlɪntʃɪt] n
(Earth Sciences / Physical Geography) a terrace or ridge formed in prehistoric or medieval times by ploughing a hillside
[Old English hlinc ridge]

You Don't Make This Stuff Up

Ruh Roh... Look Out Steve! Jus' KIddin'...  

Gateway to Stanway House and Church

Whacky Nutters on the Church,
Tell Me the Stone Masons weren't Having a Joke at Someone's Expense.

This Collection of Odd Stone Items Were taken from Hailes Abbey and Built into the Wall. Cool, huh? I Think That's a Sink, It has Holes in It.  

Rose Hips and Moss on the Old Stone Wall

I Wind Up Using the Word "Old" A Lot... This Bridge is New. 

A Great Place to Eat, in What Is in My Opinion the Most Beautiful
Village in the Cotswolds ~ Stanton.

Just sayin'