Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The End

Late last night so far away,
I dreamed myself a dream,
Well, I dreamed I was so all alone
Isn't it nice to be home again?

My Flight Survival Kit

This adventure couldn't have gone the way it did without the group of people that made it possible. Linda, Steve, and my best friend and husband George. I will never forget this experience and feel fortunate to be able to have done it. I came home mellowed, appreciative of simplicity, confident in my strengths, drawn to the positives and rejecting the negatives, stronger in patience. It was a success, a life expanding event that passed a renewed sense of history and nature into my spirit. We should all  make a long distance walk sometime in our lives, its religion at its most basic because what are we but of the earth and strengthened by it. As above, so below! 

Best Shoes Ever - Merrell Siren Sport 2

The End & the Beginning  10.1.2013

Turn RIGHT!!!!

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