Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Last Walk

 The thing about walking 10+ miles day after day is, it's very hard to stop. It becomes addictive. I found myself unable to sit still, wandering around Lavenham on village pathways, keeping my leg from bouncing. I need to walk! 
So I got a map and headed to the next village of Long Melford 5 miles away, a jump in comparison. George would meet me for lunch. Long Melford, named for its mile long main street, has 2 Tudor Halls. One, Kentwell, looked touristy with buses parked in the lot, advertising jousting and  falcon hunting. Not for me. The other, Melford Hall was more a domestic home turned over to the National Trust. And it had a tea room. I'm sold. So with Long Melford Hall the meeting place, on a foggy almost warm day, I set off, again feeling the world and everyone in it was gone, just me and nature. It could be any day, any year, any place in time.

I Came From Way Over on the Left

Hummingbird Moth

Past the Sheep, Over the Stile.......

.......Through the Parsnips

Back Towards Lavenham

A WW2 Bunker

Rant: The Brits Are Really Trying to Get People to Clean Up after Their Dogs. They Are Way Behind Us in This Simple Courtesy. We Always Had To Walk looking Down to Avoid Stepping in Dog Turds, Right in the Pathway. They Also Don't Get that After You Bag Your Dog's Mess, You Don't Leave the Bag Behind. 

What a Hefty Fella! An Ox, Lord of the Manor

Door in Long Melford

Queen Mary's Signature on the Charter to Grant Melford Hall

Beatrix Potter Was a Cousin of the Owners of the Hall and Stayed There Regularly
Beatrix Made This Toy Duck, Named It Jemima and Went on to Use It As a Character in Her Book. 

George Absorbing the General Tudor Splendor. Tea Time Yet?

Awww... the Grave of ZOOEZE, Unknown Pet

Tudor Rose Showing Loyalty

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